Embody Your Divinity: Soul Realignment® for Business 

I am currently NOT taking on any new clients for this session.

Welcome to Embody Your Divinity: Soul Realignment® for Business.  


These brand-new sessions are designed work with your Divine Self-Expression and align your business to your Divinity, they offer the practical grounded nature of Soul Realignment® whilst incorporating high-level spiritual concepts.

These sessions are designed to work specifically with the concept of up levelling your business.  They are ultimately about growth.  As with all my sessions your participation is paramount - since it is YOUR business we are up levelling.  

Please note the following prerequisites for this session:

  • Be transformation ready - know your numbers and want to create an up-tick in financial income - whether that is through personal take-home or as a business.
  • Have a solid intention for your business growth.  This may need to be tweaked to bring it into alignment with your Divine Self-Expression but that is something that we can work with.  Intention though, is everything.
  • Lastly, dedication.  I am presuming that will already be high on your list as you are a business owner!

Embody Your Divinity With Soul Realignment® for Business 

What can you expect?

  • Pre-session email: this will involve setting out your financial intention in relation to your business.
  • Each session will be between 60–120-minutes and will be conducted via an online Zoom Meeting. 
  • The Embody Sessions are LIVE only and are interactive  only - bring your notebook and pen!
  • All sessions are recorded: recordings and all reports will be emailed after the session.

Embody Your Divinity Sessions are divided into three distinct offerings:


  1. Energetic set-up of your business in alignment with your Financial Intention.   During this session we will also discuss the following: what services and or products you offer, marketing strategy and channels, current sales strategy, client/customer base, business systems and anything else that is relevant to creating an energetic up levelling.
  2. The second session is focused on a detailed energetic analysis of any misalignments within your business. This session also includes a road map to getting your business to where you want it to be, so it is alignment with both your Divine Self-Expression and your Financial Intention.
  3. The final session together will be scheduled four-six weeks after the second to allow time implementation.   This session also includes a chance for you to ask any questions that may have cropped up during our time together.

These sessions are designed to be scheduled once a year.   This is flexible depending on the rate of growth.   As  our businesses are evolving all time, we can schedule interim calls and sessions to support you as you implement changes (please note: any sessions outside of the three detailed above will be subject to an additional fee) .  

These add-on calls will be particularly useful if you are adding new services and or products etc or looking at upgrading business systems or marketing/sales strategies.   If this should be the case, then as always, I am on hand via email to discuss requirements further: kristylee@divinesoul.uk