Harness Your Divinity With Soul Realignment®

You've discovered who you are at soul level, you're now ready to level-up.... welcome to Harnessing Your Divinity.


These sessions are focused around three core components: your Manifesting Blueprint, your Soul Energetic Matrix, and your Chakra System.


In our first session together we explored the third, fourth and fifth dimensional aspects of your being - now, we add in another layer - your seventh dimensional aspect. 


You Are in The Driving Seat - What Is It You Want to Create? 


Intention is everything in life, and this is certainly true about Harnessing Your Divinity. 

These on-going coaching sessions are designed to move you forward.  When we are truly in alignment with our Divine Self-Expression, we have the energy to create in a way that enriches us and feels fabulous.  


The magic of utilising your Manifesting Blueprint, Soul Energetic Matrix and your Chakra System is that these three elements of Soul Realignment work cohesively together, by showing us how we are currently experiencing and expressing our Divinity - how we are showing up in our everyday life, as opposed to how we are designed to show-up and create.  

By focusing on how you are designed to operate we can make sure that you are living the highest expression of yourself.  Do you need a clear and detailed plan to move forward, or can you create more organically?  Are you designed to be innovative?  Do you work best when you are surrounded by those that are like you?  These are all fundamental components of our Manifesting Blueprint - yet most of us create at such an unconscious level - producing results that we ourselves are amazed at - and often have no idea how we created them - so imagine what you could do if you had that tool at your disposal - the possibilities are endless!

Manifesting ultimately is about consciously increasing the level of vital force energy available to us and then directing this force to create what we want; it is about shifting our vibrational state at the physical body level so that we attract the circumstances we want, let’s be clear though - right off the bat; this takes dedication, self-awareness, and focus.

The magic of the Manifesting Blueprint is that it assists us un experiencing and expressing our Divinity and, ultimately, accessing more vital force energy – which in turn gives us more creative power at the physical level!


 Get ready to consciously create.